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WGSS Core - Women's Studies Core

Peer-Reviewed - Peer-reviewed Journal

Open Access - Freely Available Online


Advancing Women in Leadership Open Access Peer-Reviewed

African Journal of Reproductive Health Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Australian Feminist Studies WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Biblical Interpretation Peer-Reviewed

BMC women's health Peer-Reviewed

Body and Society Peer-Reviewed


Camera Obscura Peer-Reviewed

Canadian woman studies Peer-Reviewed

Christian Bioethics Peer-Reviewed

Critical Sociology Peer-Reviewed



Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality Open Access Peer-Reviewed

European Journal of Women's Studies WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Feminism and Psychology WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Africa: Diaspora Voices Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Economics WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Feminist media studies Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Review WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Studies WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Teacher Peer-Reviewed

Feminist Theory Peer-Reviewed

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Gender and Education Peer-Reviewed

Gender and History Peer-Reviewed

Gender and Society WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Gender Forum Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Gender Issues Peer-Reviewed

Gender, Work and Organization WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Genders Open Access Peer-Reviewed


Herizons WGSS Core

Hypatia WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


International Health Peer-Reviewed


Japanese Studies Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Feminist Scholarship Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Gender Studies WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Journal of International Women's Studies Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Research on Women and Gender Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Sex Research Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Social Issues Peer-Reviewed

Journal of the History of Sexuality WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Journal of Women's Health WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Legacy Peer-Reviewed

Lesbian Review of Books Peer-Reviewed


Men and Masculinities Peer-Reviewed


Nineteenth Century Gender Studies Open Access Peer-Reviewed


On Campus with Women Open Access

Outskirts: Feminisms along the Edge Open Access Peer-Reviewed


Parallax Peer-Reviewed

Patterns of Prejudice Peer-Reviewed

Politics & Gender Peer-Reviewed

Psychology of Women Quarterly WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Quaker Studies Peer-Reviewed


Radical History Review Peer-Reviewed

Radical Teacher Peer-Reviewed


Science and Society Peer-Reviewed

Sex Education Peer-Reviewed

Sex Roles WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Sexualities Peer-Reviewed

Sexuality and Disability Peer-Reviewed

Signs WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Social Politics Peer-Reviewed

Social Science Quarterly Peer-Reviewed

Social Semiotics Peer-Reviewed


Theory Into Practice Peer-Reviewed


Violence against Women WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed


Woman's Art Journal WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Women and Health Peer-Reviewed

Women and Language Peer-Reviewed

Women and Performance Peer-Reviewed

Women and Politics Peer-Reviewed

Women and Therapy WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Women in German Yearbook Peer-Reviewed

Women in Judaism Open Access Peer-Reviewed

Women's Health Issues WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Women's History Review Peer-Reviewed

Women's Oncology Review Peer-Reviewed

Women's Studies Peer-Reviewed

Women's Studies International Forum WGSS Core Peer-Reviewed

Work and Occupations Peer-Reviewed