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Hartford Campus Library Policies

Borrowing Materials

A valid UConn ID is required to borrow library resources, including a variety of gadgets, such as portable DVD player, laptops, and iPads which are available for in-library use only. Additional information concerning loan periods and renewals are included on the Circulation Policies.  If you are are affiliated with UConn and require an valid UConn ID card, contact the Director of Student Activities.  The Community Borrower Program allows limited borrowing privileges.

Computer Use Policy

Priority for use of computers is given to UConn students, faculty, and staff. Usage is primarily for course-related activities. Students accessing computers for personal use may be asked to relinquish the computer. Community and guests with some affiliation to UConn  may use the guest computer if  not in use by UConn users.   All computer users must abide by the University’s Policies.


Under Connecticut law, library circulation records may not be divulged except by court order. Items that are checked out may be recalled or requested through Interlibrary Services.

Library Property

Unauthorized removal, mutilation, defacement, or marking of library property, materials or equipment is prohibited. The intentional damaging of library materials is a misdemeanor punishable by law and will be reported to Security.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are allowed in the library in covered containers as long as they are not near computers or any electronic equipment.  Please properly dispose of all trash in available trash/recycling containers and promptly report any spills to the Front Desk. Food and drinks may also be enjoyed at the cafe tables in the lobby outside the library entrance.

Library Databases Policy

Public Rooms and Spaces

The library has a variety of study area options, equipped with wireless access, mobile whiteboards, and collaboration technology for portable devices. Usage may be limited to two hours to accommodate demand. Rooms left unattended with personal belongings may be referred to Security. Food and noise policies must be followed in group study areas. Group study areas are for course-related, non-commercial activities.

For some spaces, sign-up is required at the Front Desk with a valid UConn ID. UConn faculty and staff may reserve study rooms by contacting us.  Individual study room keys and other materials available on loan may not leave the library.

These include:

Group Study.  “Quiet noise in the pursuit of knowledge” is permitted in these areas, which are ideal for group studying and projects.  Included are a large room on the west side of the Library’s upper floor and several small-group tables on the east side of the upper floor.  These spaces have wireless capability.

Quiet Study.  The west side of the Library’s main floor is a designated Quiet Study Area reserved for quiet, individual study.  This room has wireless capability.

Social Work History Room.  Historical and unique Social Work resources are held in this room which also serves as a group study space.  Library users needing access to the collections of this room may enter all hours that the library is open, even if a group is meeting. This space features a collaborative workstation with laptop connectivity and has wireless capability.

Individual Study Rooms.  The Library provides 4 individual study rooms which provide a quiet environment to focus on individual work.  Users need to inquire at the main service desk for a key to this room.

To maximize availability to our users, all library public rooms and spaces are open on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The  priority use of the library spaces  is for University related activities, exceptions to this policy  may be considered on a case by case basis by contacting the UConn Library Hartford Director.

More details, including photos, are available on our public spaces page.

Wireless Access

Secure wireless access for personal devices  is available throughout the Hartford campus to UConn students, faculty and staff by using their NetID. Public wireless access is also available via UConn-Public and for guests from Eduroam participating institutions.

Library Security

The main doors near the Front Desk are the only entrance to the library. Patrons must pass through security gates upon entering and exiting. An alarm will sound if library materials are removed without being properly checked out. If an item sets off the alarm,  library staff may ask to inspect your items.

The Library assumes no responsibility for personal property lost or stolen on library premises. We ask that you never leave personal property unattended in the Library.

Noise & Cell Phone Use

All patrons should respect the rights of others by keeping noise levels as low as possible. This policy applies to all open areas of the Library. If you must have a lengthy conversation, please use a group study area, or go to the lobby outside the Library entrance. The University of Connecticut Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. Please be considerate of those studying around you.

When you enter the Library, silence your cell phone. If you need to use your cell phone, step outside the library to do so.

Please report any noise concerns to library staff members.

Public Use

Computer stations and equipment are intended to support academic research by UConn students, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors. UConn is contractually bound to limit access to databases and e-resources to current UConn students, faculty, and staff. UConn students, faculty, and staff have priority for computers and spaces within the Library and computers and spaces are available to the public when possible.  The Library adheres to Connecticut Code – Sec. 53-21a with regard to unsupervised children.

Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

Black-and-white and color printing are available at the library and paid for with your UConn ID/Husky OneCard. You may also print from personal devices.  The  photocopier and scanners are located on the main floor of the library.   Scanning is free of charge. There is a 10 minute scanning limit if others are waiting to use the equipment. Please adhere to Copyright laws.


Patrons are asked not to reshelve materials after use. Books left on carrels, tables, and carts are routinely shelved by library staff.

Library Assistance

We provide research assistance,  help in using library databases, assistance in placing  Interlibrary Services requests, and facilitate with concerns with overdue materials and fines.  For library support also contact  Ask a Librarian  to  get answers in real time from the staff at the UConn Library.

The library staff will gladly a retrieve items to accommodate those with special needs.