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Course Reserves FAQ

Why do I need a HuskyCT course site to submit a reserve request?

The Reserve system software works in conjuction with HuskyCT. It permits staff to more efficiently track and fill the large volume of requests for items on course reserve.

How do I create a Reserve list on my HuskyCT course site?

  1. Log in to HuskyCT at
  2. Click on the course you want to add reserve items to.
  3. From the left column menu click on the Library Resources link.
  4. If prompted, choose the appropriate semester from the drop down box.
  5. Once on the Library Resources page click on “Add Reserve Items” from the left column menu.
  6. Click on the appropriate icon for the type of material you wish to add. Complete the form being sure to fill in the red asterisked fields then click to submit.

I asked for my HuskyCT course to be restored. Why didn’t my reserve list get restored, too?

Although you access your reserve list via HuskyCT it is not actually part of your course site (chiefly due to copyright considerations). The Reserve system gives you control over which reserve items you want to restore to your current course. You can copy items from any past or current course to a current or future course by following these steps:

  1. Log in to HuskyCT at
  2. Click on the class you want to restore items to.
  3. Click on the Library Resources link in the left column.
  4. When the Library Resources page loads, from the left column menu click on “Add Reserve Items”
  5. You will see a row of icons across the top. These are for adding new items.
  6. Below the row of icons are lists of your current and previous classes. Click on the current or previous class that has the items you want to import to this semester’s class.
  7. Uncheck any items you don’t want.
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Single click the import button one time only.

Can I see reserve lists from previous classes?

Blackboard users can view past reserve lists by clicking on any class, then on Library Resources from the left column menu. On the Library Resources page, click on “Add Reserve Items” in the left column menu. Beneath the row of icons for making new reserve requests you’ll see lists of current and past classes. Click on any class to see what was on reserve. To import the past list to your current class, uncheck any items you don’t want then single click the “Import” button only ONCE.

Why can’t my TA, Co-Designer, or Co-Instructor see my Library Resources?

Access to the Library Resources page in HuskyCT is governed by PeopleSoft, which tells us who is a registered student, TA, or Instructor for your class. If you have manually added a student, TA, co-designer, or co-instructor we must also add them manually. Please send their name and NetID to and we will add them.

To add reserve items in Blackboard, click on Library Resources in the left column menu. When the Library Resources page opens click on Add Reserve Items in the left column menu and then on the appropriate icon for the type of item you wish to add.

What does “Item activation pending?” mean? How do I activate items with this status?

Items you requested have this status after they have been processed by Reserve staff before the start date of the semester. You need do nothing but wait until the start date for the semester for them to become active and visible to your students. You can view these items at any time prior to or after the semester begins.

Why is the inactive date for Library Resources items inconsistent with the end of the semester I’m teaching in?

When you accessed the Library Resources link for the first time for your class you were presented with a drop down box to choose the semester. The default is “current semester”. Accepting the current semester for a future class applies the inactive date for the current semester, not the future one. For example, in April if you clicked on the Library Resources link for your summer session class and accepted the default “current semester”, this would apply the spring inactive date to your summer session class. Always be sure to click the drop down box and choose the semester you are teaching the class in rather than just accepting “current semester”.

The DVD or book I want to put on reserve for my class is on reserve for another class, what do I do now?

Many items are on reserve for more than one course. Submit your reserve request and we’ll also put the DVD or book on Reserve for your class, too.

Why don’t my reserve items show up in the student view?

There are two reasons why materials show up in the teach tab but not in the student view. One is because reserve staff haven’t processed them yet. Although faculty can see all items no matter their status, students can only see processed items with statuses of either, “Item available on Electronic Reserve.” or “Item available at the Reserve Desk.” The other reason items don’t appear in the student tab is because the view date for the semester has not arrived yet. Items with a status of “Item activation pending” on the Teach tab have been processed but don’t appear in the the Student tab until two weeks before classes begin.

How do I add an existing stream to my class?

Search our catalog to find streamed titles. This video shows you how to find and copy the link to streaming video.

How do I stream a film to my class that we don’t already own?

Send an email to your subject specialist to research the availability of streaming rights. Please plan a semester in advance for your streams as negotiations for rights can take several months. To the extent possible with available funds the Library supports streams for online (eCampus), very large, and distance learning classes.

Can I upload a PDF file from the Library’s online journals to HuskyCT?

No, most of our license agreements with full text vendors do not permit PDFs to be uploaded to HuskyCT. It is almost always permissible to link to a full text article, however. See Linking to EResources to learn how to make links to the Library’s ebooks, movie streams, and journals.

How do I delete an item from my reserve list?

From your Reserve list on the Library Resources page in HuskyCT click on the item you wish to delete then click on “Delete this item”.