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Journal Articles

Sharing Journal Articles With Your Class

Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law and UConn license agreements. Any use of copyrighted works made available by a license agreement through the Library must first comply with the terms of that license. These agreements do not allow downloading PDF files and reposting them on HuskyCT or another Web site. However, direct linking to articles is nearly always permitted.

When accessing online journals licensed by the Library, UConn students, faculty and staff are identified as UConn users by the IP (web) addresses of their workstations. From off-campus, getting a UConn IP address is accomplished by invoking NetID Single Sign On. To link to journal articles from HuskyCT, you need to construct links to include NetID Single Sign On. The code in the box in number 2 below invokes NetID Single Sign On when combined with a link to a journal article.


How to Link to Journal Articles From On Campus

1. Find the web address for the article.

Working from on campus, in most cases, you can navigate to the PDF and copy the web address that displays in the browser’s address bar, for example:


2. To make sure your off campus students will be able to access the journal articles you link to, past the link to the article’s PDF after the equal sign in the box below, then copy the entire contents of the box and proceed to step 3, testing the link.

Note:  This prefix is not needed for Open Access material or for non-UConn websites.


 3. Test the completed link in another browser.

Paste the link you just copied from the box above in another browser, for example, Firefox instead of Chrome. If it works in another browser you can then paste it in your syllabus or in a learning module in HuskyCT.

Testing the web address in another browser will tell you if the web address is stable. It is necessary to test links because some article web addresses include code that does not permit you to open the article in a future browser session.


4. Add the link to your HuskyCT course site.

Once you have found the links you want to use you can add them to your HuskyCT course site. Blackboard Help has a section on How to Create a Web Link


If the link doesn’t work, there are other steps you can try:

  • Look for a permalink or an email jumpstart on the article’s abstract page.
  • Use the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for the article. The DOI is a string of numbers permanently identifying the article and is usually found on the abstract page of the article. Create these links by placing in front of the DOI.
  • Click here for more detailed information about linking to journal articles.
  • Ask a Librarian to help you.


Special Note:  Harvard Business Review

Articles from the Harvard Business Review are available in EBSCO’s Business Source Complete. However, HBR Publishing has a strict license agreement on electronic copies with distributors and does not allow anyone to link to their articles in Business Source Complete. HBR claims that their materials in Business Source Complete are not intended to be used for assigned course materials. This restriction includes linking to HBR materials from HuskyCT, websites, and course syllabi. In addition to these restrictions, HBR has developed an HBR 500 list. This is a list of the most popular 500 articles from HBR and has requested that these be listed as “read-only” in Business Source Complete.

Because of these restrictions HBR articles can’t be downloaded or linked to. They can only be read online. You can search for them by article title from Business Source Complete.

The license agreement Harvard Business Publishing has with EBSCO supersedes Fair Use, however Fair Use does apply to the print copy which is why these articles can be used for course reserves. You can use articles from Harvard Business Review (HBR) in your course reserves by scanning from the print copy. We have print copies of HBR in print in the library and these articles can be scanned for electronic reserves in compliance with Fair Use. This subscription does not include HBR Cases Cases must be purchased separately. The library does not subscribe to the HBR Case database. 

You can also link to this video in your syllabus which shows students how to search Business Source Complete for articles you have assigned.