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eBooks and Online Video

Find and create links to eBooks and video streams for your class

The Library licenses thousands of eBooks and video streams which can be linked to your syllabus or HuskyCT course site for student use. Click on the links below to learn how to search for these items in the Library’s catalog by subject or title as well as copy links to use in assigned course readings/viewings.

Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law and UConn license agreements. Any use of copyrighted works made available by a license agreement through University Libraries must first comply with the terms of that license. Linking to ebooks and video streams is nearly always permitted.

Visit the links below to learn how to search for ebooks and videos in the Library’s catalog as well as how to copy the link so you can share them with your class.


Linking to eBooks

Video Version

Step by Step Version


Linking to Online Video

Video Version

Step by Step Version


Add the link to your HuskyCT course site.

Once you have found the links you want to use you can add them to your HuskyCT course site. Blackboard Help has a section on How to Create a Web Link.