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Online Video Step by Step

1. From the Library’s home page,, click on the search magnifier.

search magnifier


2. Click on Advanced Search. 

ebook search1


3. Select search type, e.g. subject, title, or author, then enter search terms. Change Material Type to “Audio Visual” and Search Scope to “Books, Media, & More” Hit “Search”.

advanced video search settings



4. When the results display, select “Full Text Online” from the left column. Choose other facets from this column as appropriate to limit your search.

limiting to video stream in Primo


5. Click on “Details” for the video stream you want.

Click Details to get the proxied link


6.  In the Links box on the right side of the entry right click on link to copy.  For use with a class it is recommended you make a note of the license expiration date if there is one as the video will no longer play after that date. Video streams without a date will not expire.

copy proxied link for video stream in Primo


7. You can paste the link wherever you want now. It would look like this:;534934

The part of the link in red is is needed to ensure access for off campus users. Please double check to make sure it’s there. If not, just add it.

Test your link from wherever you have pasted it. If using links for courses, check links at the start of each semester to ensure they still work.